Eilum David

"As you embody more of your Soul, you allow it to illuminate every aspect of your life finding a new sense of freedom, clarity and empowerment"

Soul Embodiment Session

Embodying your soul means empowering yourself as you illuminate every aspect of Life with the consciousness of your divinity, giving you a new sense of freedom and clarity so you can create the life you want to experience.

Soul Embodiment Retreat

A Private Retreat for the brave and adventurous. This comprehensive 8 hour session divided into 2 or 3 days will help you deepen and ground your personal transformation brought by the embodiment of your Soul in every area of your Life.

Embodiment Tantric Session

In a Tantric session, your sexual energy is the gateway of your connection to your divine-self. Together in this session we create pathways that help you reconnect and integrate your emotions, your physical body and to access your divine nature here in your physical body.

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“You are someone who helps people embody their soul in their human life”

Lee Harris – The Energy Guide