I was born in Mexico in 1973. I have been always curious about the world and since I was young. I traveled to Canada and the US to study and learn languages. Being born in a family with a tradition in retail, in my 20’s I choose, as many, safety vs. passion: I compromised my passion for a sense of safety and duty. I got a degree in Marketing and Business Administration and spent the last semester as an exchange student in the University of Illinois taking extra credits with an internship from the MBA program in International Marketing. Find more about my professional background!

I was all in for a career path that never suspected the change, which would come years later. A turning point showed up when I got an opportunity to move to Europe, at that point a burning question came to me: who would I be if all with which I identify myself is gone; my family, my place in society, my relationships? It was an exciting and scary question, but my intuition was strong, asking me to take the chance.

My first years in Europe were an intense self-discovery: The chance I took led me into a deep identity crisis that put me inside out. While still working for a financial institution in Belgium, the pain coming from choosing out of fear instead of following the call of my soul became more evident.

Radical changes were on their way. To integrate myself again I began studying various alternative and esoteric healing methods and teachings. Obsidian geometries offered me the first deep emotional and psychic cleansing, also making me aware of my psychic abilities. Shamanic retreats and Kundalini massage with Ana Silvia Serrano completed this intense learning and healing journey. Subtle worlds and heart connections opened up for me and the Source/Spirit world was available.

However, a connection to my body was missing and by literally signs everywhere, I got into Tantra as a way to reconnect with my body and my life force. About two years in training with GLS (Gay Love Spirit) in Germany put me in the world of sacred intimacy. I was well on the way of my new job so I changed again everything and left my home, a relationship that did not fit the real me, and the job in the financial institution ended. Undoing my old self was necessary but this time I had a self-assurance coming from an inner knowing of whom I was and where I could stand in life even if nothing of what was happening made sense to my mind.

I guided experiences of breakthrough that transformed people lives, through tantra (see also www.caringhealing.com), sound healing and soul readings. After more than 500 individual sessions and dozens of group workshops around Europe (Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, the Czech Republic) and Mexico, I decided to step into full visibility so I can help and guide the largest possible number of people. We are all in this road; we are all mirrors of each another and I would like to help you see how beautiful you really are.  David

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