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Encarna tu Alma, Empodera tu Vida

Encarnar el Alma significa poder percibir nuestra naturaleza divina a través de las sensaciones del cuerpo. De este modo, nuestra naturaleza divina y Alma no son solo un concepto sino una experiencia directa y sin intermediarios. Para saber así sin lugar a duda que estamos en contacto con la fuente de sabiduría infinita alineados con nuestra alma.

MARZO 2019- Lectura Intuitiva MENSUAL
Meditation Shamanica y sound healing, escuchala ahora.

Sesiones Personales

“Eres alguien que ayuda a la gente a encarnar su Alma aquí en su vida de todos los días”

Lee Harris – The Energy Guide


David’s intuitive guidance and transmissions of sound during my healing session, felt like a tonic to my nervous system. I am feeling a dramatic shift within myself and those around me. His work dives deep into the soul level where I clearly recognized my truth, therefore profound resonance. My deepest gratitude to you!

Pamela, Maine, USA

I have never felt that I was willing and trusted someone that much as David…he has an art of getting you to open up and to feel what he is doing and what you are feeling yourself. It is an amazing experience and I have already booked my next appointment. I will hate not having him in the U.S. upon my return.

I have had a number of sessions with David over many years, and I am always struck by the clarity and focus of his work. There is of course an etheric aspect to the session which does not need to be explained or put into words, but David also speaks to the mind. He communicates carefully, clearly and precisely, and that is much appreciated!

A couple of hours after our last session I lay in my room and had one of those semi-orgasmic feelings, where the body and the mind are so relaxed that one feels funny, spontaneous waves of pleasure!

Robert, Germany

Tuve el gusto de conocer a David quién me inspiro confianza enseguida y experimenté su trabajo energético el cuál me ayudó a sentirme más ligera y por lo tanto con mayor bienestar. Disfruto escuchar sus mp3, y los sonidos que usa por sus altas frecuencias vibratorias, así que recomiendo ampliamente el trabajo energético de David.

Bahia, Mexico

I was terribly overstressed and couldn’t focus anymore. In an session David immediately figured out what was wrong with me.  An hour later I was totally relaxed and saw all the problems in a total different perspective.

A really good experience that I recommend everyone to do. A journey to get to know our inner most selves, a path that never ceases to excite me if done with the help of competent professional like David. A session to devote to ourselves and our well-being. Thanks David.

Filippo, Italy
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