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L’incarnare la nostra anima ci permette un accesso diretto alla saggezza della nostra natura divina; il nostro corpo diventa uno strumento sensibile di conoscenza e comprensione che ci guida durante tutta la vita, nelle relazione, nelle decisioni ed in ogni tipo di esperienza che vogliamo creare, con facilità, libertà, con un vero senso di empowerment di superamento di ogni limitatezza, per diventare davvero autonomi e autorevoli.

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“You are someone who helps people embody their soul in their human life”

Lee Harris – The Energy Guide


Above all expectations! I had with David a mystical experience … I highly recommend it to all those who want to go further and intend to experience the body and soul as one.

F, Italy

David’s intuitive guidance and transmissions of sound during my healing session, felt like a tonic to my nervous system. I am feeling a dramatic shift within myself and those around me. His work dives deep into the soul level where I clearly recognized my truth, therefore profound resonance. My deepest gratitude to you!

Pamela, Maine, USA


A. Quintana

A really good experience that I recommend everyone to do. A journey to get to know our inner most selves, a path that never ceases to excite me if done with the help of competent professional like David. A session to devote to ourselves and our well-being. Thanks David.

Filippo, Italy

Thank you David, the workshop was a liberation for me !


Rosa Linda, Mexico

I have never felt that I was willing and trusted someone that much as David…he has an art of getting you to open up and to feel what he is doing and what you are feeling yourself. It is an amazing experience and I have already booked my next appointment. I will hate not having him in the U.S. upon my return.

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4 days ago

Is now ready 😍🌖🌟
Episode 18 - Is just Love 💖💖💖

Since we are very young we get disconnected from our Love source. We grow up expecting everybody around us to Love us unconditionally and we put great burdens in our partnerships specially. We try to fill a void bypassing our own direct channel to the unconditional Love source that our higher-self is. So, reconnecting with it should be an important step in our spiritual path coming back home to the Love we have for ourselves. In this episode I propose to you a work to connect at the base with the Love for yourself, to feel and live the Love your Soul has for you and stop getting disappointed expecting someone else would Love you like only you can.
Comments or questions send an e-mail to info@eilumdavid.com
More information buff.ly/2Dcc3XV
Listen in this link https://buff.ly/2JEIqzu
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4 days ago

🌖💖😘 Recien salido del horno ! Espero que lo disfruten
Episodio 12 - Es solo Amor 💜

Desde pequeños nos desconectamos de la propia fuente de Amor y comenzamos a creer que es a través del otro que encontramos ese Amor. Ponemos en la pareja sobre todo, o la idealización de esta, la expectativa del amor incondicional. En este episodio discutimos este tema y te propongo un trabajo para re-conectar desde la base, tu cuerpo, con tu propio canal de la energía espiritual del amor incondicional inagotable.
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6 days ago

😍😍😍 Thanks for your support - Gracias por su apoyo 😍😍😍⠀

The Episode 16 - "Is time to choose" of my podcast "The Soul Space" has been top picked and published in the ivoox magazine click here check it out https://buff.ly/2lMF3gF⠀

El Episodio 16 del podcast en Ingles ha sido escogido como destacado y esta publicado esta semana en la seleccion de recomendados de la revista semanal de ivoox. Escucha la version en Español Ep. 10 - "Es tiempo de elegir" aqui https://buff.ly/2lBFLgw
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