Private weekend

A deep transformative weekend in the heart of Italy - Umbria

Private Intensive Weekend

Private Intensive Weekend

A Private intensive mentoring weekend for the brave and adventurous. This comprehensive 8 hour session divided into 3 days will help you deepen and ground your personal transformation brought by the embodiment of your Soul in every area of your Life.

The purpose of this mentoring program is give you the time and space to focus and transform any aspect of your life that needs your attention or one that you would like to expand, bring more clarity or joy. You will recall the power of who-you-really-are and to lay down pathways in which to bring this new freedom to your everyday worldly Life.

It is not possible to book this session on-line due to limited availability.

Please write an e-mail to info@eilumdavid.com with your intention of booking a mentoring private weekend and possible dates in which you would like to start your retreat. Please take into account that only a few dates are free every month.

Prices shown are VAT inclusive

  • Duration

    8 hour total divided in 2h30 sessions during 3 days

  • Price


    Includes 3 night accommodation in a double private studio at the venue (private entrance, kitchen and bathroom) in a historic neo-gothic “villino”

  • Languages

    Spanish, English, French and Italian

  • Location

    At venue in Foligno, Umbria. Italy


The Venue in Umbria, Italy

How is it done?

Shamanic Touch

Is a vibrational transmission that happens through body touch just as a channeller would enable the translation of vibration into information conveyed verbally my shamanic touch is a physical transmission that enables the person to recognise their own divinity and it allows him/her to find intuitive ways to reconnect and embody with their own soul and its guidance.

Sound Activation

Many shamans of indigenous people’s use sound as a way to enter different dimensions and work in the background of our present reality. I use sound as a fluid vibrational tool to touch the etheric, emotional and physical bodies to prepare the ground on which we will be alchemising our beings. It is used to convey vibration in a very high frequency but where the mind patterns cannot interfere. This vibration enhances our capacity to be out of the mental patterns that focus on problems allowing solutions and relief to come to our lives in all levels.


I believe that a body is our gateway for our soul and spirit. Our body is innately connected to the Source of all things. Therapeutically working with the body allows the uninterrupted stream of wellbeing to come in and enlighten you without the restrain and resistance offered by our thought patterns. Tantric bodywork can be also used depending on each person.

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