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Embody your Soul, Empower your Life

“You are someone who helps people embody their soul in their human life”

Lee Harris – The Energy Guide

To embody our Soul is to perceive our divine nature through the body. Our Soul or divine nature is finally known by the body sensory perception, it becomes a direct experience with no intermediaries. Aligning with your Soul and knowing without a doubt in our body that we are reaching for your own source of infinite wisdom. Thoroughly knowing, peacefully re-becoming a genuinely spiritual being living a full human experience, being present in every moment.

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The Soul Space – Ep. 10 Living life effortlessly

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Whenever we think of effortless living we might be tempted to think of someone lazy who would spend his/her days lounging all day at a tropical location, sipping cocktails. Although this is a rather exaggerated and comic depiction of such…

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