2020 – A portal to Upgrading our Physical Core

2020 – A portal to Upgrading our Physical Core




Intuitive Card Reading and Energy Work

Recorded on the Teleconference of 22/12/2019

You are probably already feeling it; 2020 is not only the commencement and the end of a decade but the starting point of deep structural changes that are rebuilding our World. Moreover, growth calls for impeccable integrity and clarity. I have been asked to offer this teleconference for us to reveal and connect to the new timelines ready for the individual consciousness and the collective and that will unfold in the next 7 years or so. ⠀

As you know at this 2020 portal, this is an unprecedented opportunity for a more prosperous future collectively and individually. Whatever we do to consciously choose a brighter timeline outside of the obsolete patriarchal patterns can effectively influence the outcome. However, this deliberate choice must not come from fear of what might happen if we do not choose but from a precise intention to co-create the greater and more luminous timeline that we are ready to embrace now. What is possible now has never been before integrating with our human bodies a new level of unconditional love, a life with economic structures, governments a society that supports a life experienced through the centre of our hearts. This is an exciting time to be alive!⠀

As usual, we will create the energy field of this work and it will develop organically. The only piece that has become evident is the presence of “The Hathors” during this call to upgrade once more our physical body cell structures in order to hold the new level of vibration available. Remember it is not only you who benefits of this process but as you hold more light you would have a knock-on effect on the world around you.⠀

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