Intuitive Embodiment Session

Intuitive Embodiment Session



An Intuitive Reading, Sound Healing and Energy Work session

Starting with an intuitive energy reading, this session brings clarity, empowerment and joy to any area of your Life. These subjects might include but not limited to; your career, relationship dynamics, building self-esteem, body-image issues, life purpose, finances, family dynamics, overcoming fears, negative habits, creative projects and changing limiting beliefs etc.

The second part of this session is: a sound healing and energy work. Designed to create the high vibrational environment working with your guides and divine allies to move energy and quicken the transformation that was put into motion in the intuitive reading. Also, these tones include higher vibrational frequencies of infinite wisdom.

After one of my sessions people have reported having a new sense of clarity and understanding that gives a way to new sense of peace, a feeling of liberation and ultimately lasting transformation.

How is sound healing done?

Through intuitive sounds using my voice and a singing quartz bowl. I translate codes of light and vibration that allow your physical, emotional and etheric bodies to receive actualized information of your Soul through, inspiration, visionary images and pure sensorial intuition.

What you get

  • 25 min Intuitive Reading on the topic at hand
  • 30 min live online Sound Healing and Energy work
  • 20 min conclusive feedback talk at the end of the session
  • A recorded video/audio for your reference of your session via zoom.us or audio Skype 

All online sessions are done via Zoom (zoom.us), Skype or Facebook call.

Sessions can be scheduled from Tuesday to Saturday from 11h (11AM) to 19h (7PM) CET (Central European Time GMT +1), to calculate your local time please click here https://www.timeanddate.com

PLEASE NOTE THAT AFTER BOOKING YOUR SESSION: You will receive a confirmation e-mail and you will receive the following available dates for your session.