Soul Embodiment Session

Soul Embodiment Session

A soul embodiment session is a private space where, through the aid of sound healing, shamanic touch and tantric body work I will guide you to recreate the connection of your divine-self with your physical counterpart (read how below). Embodiment means empowering yourself as you illuminate every aspect of Life with the consciousness of your divinity, giving you a new sense of freedom and clarity so you can create the life you want to experience.

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  • Duration

    1h30 minutes

  • Price

    € 180,00

  • Languages

    Spanish, English, French and Italian

  • Location

    Around Europe and Mexico. Check under Events for dates and locations.

I was terribly overstressed and couldn’t focus anymore. In an energy therapy session David immediately figured out what was wrong with me. He had never seen me in that state before and worked the excess of energy out of the wrong places in my body. An hour later I was totally relaxed and saw all the problems in a total different perspective.
Life is still a loving experience. Thank you David for making me realize and understand…
Life is a loving experience
I am very happy I was in Umbria having sessions with you. Although I did not saw or had any intense emotional experiences as I expected first, I now realise that something greater was actually happening and many things were moving and shifting inside of me. I feel now I am not enslaved anymore and I feel closer to myself. I look forward, to work with you again. Rudolf, Switzerland.
I am not enslaved anymore...
How beautiful the part when the voice lift up and everything is “high” and spheric…Love it, thank you!
Sound activation...Love it thank you !
Your questions answered

Most people experience already a tangible transformation after the first session. However, there are no minimum or maximum sessions required. Each individual is unique and you should decide when you feel that you feel up to speed in where you want to be in your life.

Yes all genders and sexual orientations are welcome.

Physical touch; in shamanic touch enables the transmission of specific energy frequencies that are needed at physical level. Moreover, with some of the tantric body work you could be asked to do some movement or exercises. I use the body as the gateway to Spirit.  You are however requested to set and take care of your own boundaries before the session starts

I do believe that the origin of all of physical illnesses and dis-eases is the interruption of the original energy flow of the human being. A block we inflict to ourselves through habits of thought, shock and trauma. So even if the objective of this sessions is not that of curing a physical ailment, it is expected as a consequence of the reconnection to the divine-self and thus the source of all wellbeing in all levels of your being; mental, emotional and physical

How is it done?

Shamanic Touch

Is a vibrational transmission that happens through body touch just as a channeller would enable the translation of vibration into information conveyed verbally my shamanic touch is a physical transmission that enables the person to recognise their own divinity and it allows him/her to find intuitive ways to reconnect and embody with their own soul and its guidance.

Sound Activation

Many shamans of indigenous people’s use sound as a way to enter different dimensions and work in the background of our present reality. I use sound as a fluid vibrational tool to touch the etheric, emotional and physical bodies to prepare the ground on which we will be alchemising our beings. It is used to convey vibration in a very high frequency but where the mind patterns cannot interfere. This vibration enhances our capacity to be out of the mental patterns that focus on problems allowing solutions and relief to come to our lives in all levels.


I believe that a body is our gateway for our soul and spirit. Our body is innately connected to the Source of all things. Therapeutically working with the body allows the uninterrupted stream of wellbeing to come in and enlighten you without the restrain and resistance offered by our thought patterns. Tantric bodywork can be also used depending on each person.

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