Tantric Embodiment Session

Tantric Embodiment Session

A holistic (from wholly) approach to life cannot leave out your sexuality. In a Tantric session, your sexual energy is the gateway of your connection to your divine-self. Together in this session we create pathways that help you reconnect and integrate your emotions, your physical body and to access your divine nature here in your physical body.

As in the emobodiment session accessing your Soul/divine-self will empower you as you illuminate every aspect of your being with the consciousness of your divinity, giving you a new sense of freedom and clarity so you can create the life you want to experience.

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  • Duration

    1h30 minutes

  • Price

    € 180,00

  • Languages

    English, Spanish, French and Italian

  • Location

    Europe and Mexico check Events for specific dates and locations.

I’d like to thank you with all my heart for all the good things our energy therapy sessions have brought me. I always feel very safe and secure, always protected by the kind and loving environment you create during these sessions.The information you offer, the questions you ask, have, every time again, handed me something new, something that led me to new insights. Dear David, you are one of the most generous and most loving persons I know, you have been, and will always be a guide to me. Thank you very much. Love, Dirk.
The one that really knows about these subjects, instead of listening to any tantricky, zennish blabla. And who, at the same time, exudes sensuality from every pore
Not any tantricky blabla...
Al di sopra di ogni aspettativa! ho fatto con david un’esperienza mistica…oltre che di relax assoluto. lo consiglio vivamente a tutti coloro che vogliono andare oltre ed intendono l’esperienza del corpo e dell’anima come una cosa sola
Al di sopra di ogni aspettativa!
I have never felt that I was willing and trusted someone that much as David…he has an art of getting you to open up and to feel what he is doing and what you are feeling yourself. It is an amazing experience and I have already booked my next appointment. I will hate not having him in the U.S. upon my return.
Your questions answered

Most people experience already a tangible transformation after the first session. However, there are no minimum or maximum sessions required. Each individual is unique and you should decide when you feel that you feel up to speed in where you want to be in your life.

This type of session is only available for men. However,the Soul Embodiment session has been designed to fit everyone alike.

In this session nudity is required and direct genital massage can be part of the session, along with body contact. However it does not always take the structure of a massage but it will shift according to each individual case. This type of session is available to men only. For women or men who do not like to use sexual energy gateway please see the Soul Emobodiment Session instead. However, you are requested to set and take care of your own boundaries before the session starts.

I do believe that the origin of all of physical illnesses and dis-eases is the interruption of the original energy flow of the human being. A block we inflict to ourselves through habits of thought, shock and trauma. So even if the objective of this sessions is not that of curing a physical ailment, it is expected as a consequence of the reconnection to the divine-self and thus the source of all wellbeing in all levels of your being; mental, emotional and physical

How is it done?

Shamanic Touch

Is a vibrational transmission that happens through body touch just as a channeller would enable the translation of vibration into information conveyed verbally my shamanic touch is a physical transmission that enables the person to recognise their own divinity and it allows him/her to find intuitive ways to reconnect and embody with their own soul and its guidance.

Sound Activation

Many shamans of indigenous people’s use sound as a way to enter different dimensions and work in the background of our present reality. I use sound as a fluid vibrational tool to touch the etheric, emotional and physical bodies to prepare the ground on which we will be alchemising our beings. It is used to convey vibration in a very high frequency but where the mind patterns cannot interfere. This vibration enhances our capacity to be out of the mental patterns that focus on problems allowing solutions and relief to come to our lives in all levels.


I believe that a body is our gateway for our soul and spirit. Our body is innately connected to the Source of all things. Therapeutically working with the body allows the uninterrupted stream of wellbeing to come in and enlighten you without the restrain and resistance offered by our thought patterns. Tantric bodywork can be also used depending on each person.

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