Ep. 12 – Decision making and your voice as a carrier of truth

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Decision making and your voice as a carrier of truth

It can be a tricky situation to find yourself in at a crossroad, needing to decide where to go next. Moreover, it is often the case that there is a multitude of voices pulling you in opposite directions, your rational mind to one side, your heart o another, maybe your traditional values and all of your ancestral beliefs and habits of thought. It seems almost impossible to find and unequivocal voice that can help you to decide with a clear intent of your highest good.

Not only the rational mind has value

You are so used to give space to all these voices and for most of humanity at least those living in the western like civilisation, you are used to relying on your mind most than anything else in the world. What is more, you are can be very afraid of making a decision that is not rational and when the control of the mind seems to give in you freak out and again have no idea where to run.

Nevertheless, it is actually where you are heading, it is now the passage time, towards and less rational based living, where the bond will and is already having much less control in your life. To make things worse for those of you who are used to the mind control and would love to keep things this way. It will be almost impossible to do it because you will soon realise that is not only about the mind unless it is aligned with what you feel. In the past, 20 to 30 years ago it was easy to escape this fact, the energy that emanates the vibrational feel of an emotion was not instantly translated into matching meetings with the same sort of length wave people or circumstances so you could have a leeway to actually think, one direction, feel another one and say or do in a third way. If you were not especially sensitive you will surf through life and be unconscious of the consequences of this way of operating. Many situations would go out of whack but there was always someone or something you could blame for it.

However, in this highly sensitive world, everyone even those who thought were made of stone, are feeling more than ever. Many have no idea how to deal with it and might even feel overwhelmed by the heightened sensitivity burying themselves even deeper in work or some addictive substances or activities to evade feeling. Or even going stronger into the rational mind attaching themselves to ideologies and ideals as a way feel safe with an old structure that is known and seemingly sound.

Be a leader

If you have been listening so far you might be one of that 4% percent of the population that is now looking for answers elsewhere, there is a call inside of you to find solace and an unequivocal surge of responses that come from a source within. There is an existing blueprint inside of you that is made to listen elsewhere than your mind, you might have heard this many times as your intuition, your heart, your sixth sense. The truth is that there is no one way and each person must discover its own access point to this source of inner wisdom. It is not hidden, it has been always there you just need to tune to listen to that new dimension of knowledge.

The easiest way to recognise this type of knowledge for yourself is to go back in your memory in the life of all humans there are moments that are inspiring. Moments that were without keeping track we have accessed this knowledge. In spite of the collective common attitude of being only rational, we had found that moment when the knowledge becomes an inner state, is not factual but is a joyful knowing. It is a certainty accompanied by some physical sensation of warmth or a tingle. Therefore, if you are able, try now to recollect such an experience. For some might had happened when they were younger before the mental structure was superimposed on their inner knowing. Or maybe just on times of great crisis and sorrow where the mind has no answers and we are forced to look within, the sadness of a loss can be such that it will grab our attention into emotions so that we can feel our way out. This is why often crises are a blessing and a way to get clearer with ourselves.

Now that you have recollected your memory into the feeling, know that for the sensory body there is no time as it does for your mind. Consequently, you are accessing this feeling of unequivocal knowing as if it was in the present moment. This is your inner voice.

Build up your trust and your voice

The best way to get acquainted with your inner-voice and to trust its effectiveness is to actually put it to use into the practical everyday life. For example, I would like to find an object that we probably misplaced and cannot find. First of all, it is important to stop and clear your mind. I will help to set the intention of finding the object with ease. Then ask yourself the question – “where will I find this object?” Allow the answer to come in many different manners. It could come from an impulse of your body to move towards a certain location, it can come as an idea in your head about the place or it can even come as a picture in your mind’s eye of where this object is right now. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that you should try it with something that is not creating you stress, nothing too important or precious that will make you frustrated because normally then you won’t be able to listen to this inner voice. It might seem a trivial situation but you can gain trust in the process as you observe and actually make findings that are factual, so that your mind can participate and be at ease with the process as well.

Lastly, we would like to talk about why is this process important in the frame of a grand consciousness shift? Well aware of the chaotic nature of the World while transiting this period it is important that we know our own inner voice. I will be then not only important to actually use it in our everyday practical life but it will be very useful to put it to work when we need to speak out into the world that knowing so that maybe others that are in tune with us and might not be able to temporarily reach their own knowing of what is true and good in the world can be reminded of their own power of decision and perception in the midst of confusion and chaos.