The Soul Space – Ep. 11 The depleting War energy

150 150 Eilum David

Whenever we are exposed to the energy of war we can feel the consequences, it does not need to be a war happening in our country as we know it happening in the vast World events. It suffices to be the angered discussions of a prime minister or any other political debate let alone the shocking images of a devastating war anywhere in the World. 

The war energy is debilitating and we know in our inner-self that there is never a winner. Not even for the one that has seemingly won, there are always scars and resentments that can alter our behaviour. Have you realised that those countries or people who have won any sort of war are always in a state of alarm and defensiveness. Moreover, have you observe that there are countless occasions in which the people who are participating in war events are almost mentally ill or psychically wounded? In war there are no real winners. There is just a temporary force being held back ready to slash out again whenever the winner will be feeling vulnerable. Do you see the pattern? 

Now let us turn our attention to our more domestic matters, we have all experienced this energy in our relationships with others. However, do you know what is going on with your body when these energies are active? Well you adrenaline levels are running high and your muscles and nerves enter in tension. Therefore, on one hand there is a rush that if you feel depressed or down it will at least lift you out of such a state and prompt you at least for a minute move you forward but if you are not aware of what is causing you conflict inside or what is triggering these energies to act it will happen more or less the same as at a larger world scale. You enter into war inside you, then you charge ahead with the other and if you defeat him/her you will feel like nothing has absolutely changed for you except for some temporary high then the other might have built some resentment and the war will explode once more on either side.

This adrenaline peaks could be also addictive if there is nothing else in your life where the energy of your heart can grow as you pour it into your new creations. As no passion is given an outlet for expression it will cause only destruction and resentment and fear of the other that will entrench a useless combat as we see played out at larger scales too for years and years. 

Nevertheless, we are not saying that you should not feel it considering it is part of the current collective consciousness of the Earth but when you do it consciously you know that you can dismantle and disconnect by choosing a different story. The first step is to be aware that that energy of war is there and that we make a conscious election not to used it. At first, we might go there automatically out of habit, but once we can observe us going into it we can go back inside and ask ourselves. What aspect of myself is in conflict now? For example; what is that i do not allow myself that the other does and causes my anger? Why do I need the agreement of others in everything i do/say/think?

Moreover, it is not about condemning what “is” already but being aware of the choices that are presented by the circumstances and always embrace the highest vibration option which is always the one that is closer to the emotion of Love.

There is a tremendous potential in your hands to contribute to the re-focusing of your own consciousness to something that allows integration and create the space for everyone to live in the midst of outstanding differences of every soul living on Earth. Despite what you witness around an immense integration of different aspects is happening and available right now for every human being, the war energy is recalled by the individual consciousness and released every time anyone has decided to heal a given conflict inside. Create inside the peace you want to experience in the World. 

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