The Soul Space Ep.7 – Descend is the way to Ascension

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You might be familiar with the term of ascension in the spiritual community of seekers, and healers. Although I believe that there is a phenomenal shift happening for us in the way that we can resolve to experience a higher vibration frequency, let’s call it Love. A profound sense of unity and the sensorial knowledge that we are all part of one immense universe. On the other hand, there is also the misconception that in order to ascend and to higher one’s vibration there is a need to detach oneself from the human life or even the bodily conditions of this life. The fact is that this life is the one that is ascending with everything in it, bodies, and the all earthlings of creatures in it.

Embracing the Human

Embracing your humanity is the way into to ascending into higher realms and not escaping the choice we have made, even if we have made in at a Soul level, and we seldom acknowledge that. At a soul level, we all chose to be here at this time of transition. To live a life in a human body and create experiences through it.

Enlightenment can be defined and understood as a process where the light and the clarity of the soul can be embodied, owned, recognized and embraced. This tremendous light brings clarity and a broad universal and unique perspective to our perception of the self. In fact, it is a real perspective from the vantage point of the Source where all creation originates, where the self can certainly recognize its union with the rest of creation, other human beings and his divine nature. Consequently, when the self perceives himself differently, his life scope is also altered and renewed by this new restored and free vision of the self.

Escaping to other dimensions

In this context, the process of ascension would be part of this enlightenment and occasionally it implies an act of escapism from what appears to be opposing the higher vibrating realities and values. Therefore, we somehow deny or ignore a part of our humanity, our bodies, “ugly” emotions, poverty and any kind of misery. And by all means, I do not encourage focusing solely on those aspects but to deny them in ourselves will signify that we disallow an aspect of ourselves.

Likewise, in the quest to maintain and attain a higher vibrational state there is who would be tempted to escape to another planet or to another dimension leaving the body behind. This idea is almost inherited from the vast majority of religious traditions where the body is regarded as the enemy to reach enlightenment and fulfilling spiritual life.

Thus, in this rather powerless state where one could feel uncomfortable with our own body and anything that related with the human living in the Earth we become vulnerable for “saviors” those who wish to promise us the deliverance from the weight of the human life. Maybe you are not at this point anyway otherwise you would not be reading or listening to this podcast. However, this escapism is also running away from the responsibility, at least partially, that we have as a human-divine being of co-creating the World that we witness today.

To ascend you need to descent too

Acknowledging our human life and our humanity at all levels will actually empower our own enlightenment for we recognize that everything in creation has the same source and we can subsequently with our attention and consciousness direct energy where we pick. There is a massive need to recognise our human part and becoming more human is also part of becoming or recognising your divine nature, they are hand in hand.

The key word here is unity, whenever you admit and embrace an emotion that you could classify as unwanted, not spiritual, not high but that you feel. The union with the Whole is what makes us evolve, therefore the consciousness of unity in all directions (horizontally in a material plane and vertically in spiritual plane) can only bring us closer to the Divine. You are integrating an aspect of yourself that will be at that point part of the human and will be able support you instead of fighting you. Whenever we embrace our bodies, our sexuality and impulses as pure life force we can harness and incredible amount of creative energy to put to the service of others that will bring, not detachment but commitment to our human life and contributing to the sense of unity and integration.

If you observe highly enlightened humans, those who appear to have risen from the standard of “normality” are in general people remarkably generous and in-touch with their emotions and bodies. Is not any longer a reflection of Self in their minds trying to survive and fighting to defend its own position out of the fear of annihilation

I invite you to sweetly and genuinely embrace your humanity, your vulnerably, your body and sexuality. I can assure you, you will find peace, joy and new sense of purpose as you acknowledge all of who-you-are. You came here to be a bridge of the human experience to the divine realms.

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