The Soul Space – Episode 6 New Love, more love

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In this episode I would like to stir in you the curiosity of a new love and relationship paradigm. The recognition of our common origin constitutes the source at the level of the soul of our feelings of Love. It is a clear vision into the connection and the depth of our shared heritage as human-divine beings. This love goes certainly beyond what the marketplace, the fairy tales and the mainstream filmmakers have tried to convinced us of what true Love

In the mainstream Love version, the lure of the idea of a unique embodied love (another human being) that encompasses us in everything that we are, in every aspect of our being is rather illusory. On one hand we are complex beings with many facets of expression that no one can or is eventually truthfully willing to mirror us in all of who-we-are. Moreover, our inevitable expansion as creative beings will propel us forward to connect with others.

New structures, old structures

Connecting with others permits us also to perceive in others the boundless possibilities of being. Conducting us often into innovative ways and new blueprints that until that moment we were not yet considering. However, by habit, social conventions, or religious believes, we continue to repress our impulses or judge our impulses. Rigidly caging ourselves into the “normal” relationships statuses and structures which eventually squeeze out our life force or worse get us into stagnation, depression etc.

This is why many relationships will eventually break up. Without trying to generalise or to supply a unique answer for every situation. We could say that in the traditional paradigm of scarcity and lack applies also to Love and relationships. There is an inherent need to control the other for one’s need of security.

Nonetheless, the creative/life force of the human-divine being is unstoppable and will end up inviting a chaotic situation to liberate him from the shackles that has created.

Coming back to the idea of connection, being in any sort of relationship in a less compartmentalised way, will force us to be present in the situation and with the person at hand. Thus appreciating (synonym of Love) the other for who-he-is (with little or no judgment) and not for the role that we think we should be playing and the approach we should use.

Physical Love

Moreover, we are dealing with a sensitive area when it comes to physicality. How afraid and exasperated has become the idea that bodily contact should be merely allowed within the frame of certain relationships.

This is primarily, once more, coming from the relatively modern religious and still ingrained unconscious belief of the inferior nature of the body and that sexuality should be only seen as means for reproduction. Therefore, touch is many times related to request for a sexual contact whereas in the right context it can be a mere way of communicating in a genuine and direct way with another human being.

Touch is then an authentic connection with not only the body but also the essence of whom the other person is. Better yet it can indeed bypass the mind. Consequently making the connection purer and without bias judgments of our mind. The question over here is if we are prepared as individuals first to open up to a more substantial connection at all levels with more people and in alternative ways. Which also means to become open and vulnerable.

Are we ready for it?

Are we ready to set up relationships adapted to each person individuality without the need of a structure that will dictate the should and should nots. Or at least with a more lightweight structure that will allow movement and the expression of each person individuality to continue to grow and expand.

Furthermore, once the individual is ready and accepting this, the society will definitely build up on that new paradigm.

I can honestly see this as a tremendous unfolding way, already happening, to move onward into the evolution of relationships. I am not really talking about communal hippie Love but more like relationships frames that enclose agreements that will work for the individual needs and to allow more connection and more Love to flow more of us. What do you believe, can we give it a try?

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