What is Soul Embodiment?

What is Embodiment?

As a general idea, Embodiment is to manifest an idea or a concept in a material form, thus to give body to something. On the other hand, to be an embodied human means to experience the World through the experiences we feel in our body. This means that our relation to everything in the World; people, nature, structures, words, sounds, etc. Anything that exists in the World and beyond it is informed and first experienced by the sensory perceptions of the body and not only our rational mind. The result is complete, unequivocal, peaceful knowing.

So, what does it mean to Embody your Soul?

To embody our Soul is to perceive our divine nature through the body. Our Soul or divine nature is finally known by the body sensory perception, it becomes a direct experience with no intermediaries. Aligning with your Soul and knowing without a doubt in our body that we are reaching for your own source of infinite wisdom. Thoroughly knowing, peacefully re-becoming a genuinely spiritual being living a full human experience, being present in every moment.

What is the value of being an Embodied being ?

As it is shown by the results, for many of us, the knowledge and guidance gathered only by the mind have left us, frustrated, disempowered and unhappy with our lives. Embodying our Soul gives us direct access to the wisdom of the Soul or our divine nature to use it as a sensory body of knowledge and understanding, guiding us through our life, our relationships, decisions and every experience we would like to create, with ease, freedom and the real sense of empowerment, limitlessness, to become truly self-reliant.

Most humans are taught since a very early age that they should rely on their rational mind to obtain their knowledge in their interaction with the World, whether it is the natural world or the human world or even the spiritual world. However, our natural state is to be embodied. We lose this connection with our body as a result of our cultural, social and religious beliefs that condemned and punish and shame the body. Portraying it as an obstacle for salvation or spiritual enlightenment instead it is our most precious ally. Many times this leads to spiritual people who struggle with physical survival and material focused people that are unhappy even if they have all the riches of the world. We can have both, a fulfilling connection with the divine and an abundance of material resources and a prosperous life.

Why am I passionate about embodiment?

Embodiment has literally changed my life and the way I connect with my divine-self on a daily basis, so I am now aware that my divine nature is perceptible by my body. Like many of you for years, I led a life that was primarily guided by logic and reason. I reached a point where my choices seemed not to make sense anymore. I kept moving further away from who I really was at the core of my being. In turn, the external circumstances were also reflecting this disconnection, leaving me frustrated and unsatisfied, and although I had always had this inner voice speaking to me, I was able to ignore it altogether. I had come across many spiritual books and teachers, and I could grasp some of these spiritual truths, but it seemed like ideas that were not grounded in my everyday reality. My innate intuition is sound, and as I observe my body, worked with it and paid attention to its responses. I realized that I had started to recognize the whispers and insights that my wider/divine-self was giving me. I could take the cues from everything that happened around me in my body, making it easier to make the right decisions, being in the right time at the right place, and having a world around that suited me and made many of my desires and dreams come true. All in all, becoming true self-reliant, loving empowerment by direct awareness of the World. I don’t think I can say that the embodying process has a final destination because we always expand and create a new version of ourselves with which our body actualizes, so it is an exciting endless process.

How do you help people to Embody?

The process of the embodiment is not a mental process. When having a one-on-one session, at first, I ask the person coming to me to choose a subject where they want more clarity, empowerment or expansion. I read their energy field and intuitively guide people through the most adequate path so that they can observe and acknowledge the area of themselves where they need to allow more of their Soul’s wisdom into their bodies. I help them through not only verbal communication but in the form of an energy download that can help them acknowledge and pass through patterns that kept them in place are blocking the flow of their own divine wisdom thus being able to realize the broader version of themselves and actualize their body with it. Throughout the of time the session I bring people back their feelings and sensations taping in this way into their own true-self-reliant loving empowerment wisdom.

I use several techniques or tools like bodywork or tantric work, sound healing and shamanic journeys and also Hebrew letter conceptual constellations. A customized combination of these tools makes up for an in-person or online private session, each of them enabling to reach the emotional/etheric, psychic/mental and physical planes.